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Due to the COVID-19, please note that there has been a change in our opening hours.

・Mandarin Gallery
  11:00~22:30 (LO22:00)

・Jewel Changi Airport Singapore Restaurant / Cafe
   11:30~21:00 (LO20:30)
  Weekend, holiday, the day before holiday
   11:30~22:00 (LO21:00)

※The above hours may change, due to the ongoing situations. Your kind understanding is much appreciated.

About 酢重について

In 2005, Suju Masayuki opened a small shop in Karuizawa, which is located in the Nagano prefecture of Japan. Focusing on traditional Japanese food, the brand has now developed into 6 restaurants and stores within Japan, where it introduces the basics of Japanese food culture such as miso and shoyu. Based on painstaking and experienced craftsmanship, we believe that the products present a fruitful collaboration with the ingredients.
The Suju in Singapore began with the hope to introduce this natural Japanese taste to the global customers. We wish you relish your time at our Suju Restaurant.


酢重シンガポールは、海外の皆さまに飾らぬ日本の味をご紹介したいという思いから始まりました。 我々の食処が、皆さまの楽しいひと時のお役に立てれば幸いです。

Menu お品書き

Suju Singapore puts effort especially into “rice and miso soup”, which is the pillar of Japanese dining tables.
Brown rice and miso arrive directly from the local market of Nagano. The brown rice, in order to serve in the best condition, is polished every morning and cooked with brass kettle. Fresh fish which is essential in Japanese cuisine, is selected and delivered by air from the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. We hope you enjoy our sheer Japanese menu, as well as the unique collaboration with ingredients selected locally.


Mandarin Gallery 夜のメニュー Dinner menu昼のメニュー Lunch menuお飲み物メニュー Drink menu

Jewel Changi Airport Singaporeお食事メニュー Foods menuお飲み物メニュー Drink menu

Gallery 写真

Suju’s interior represents the image of a “Japanese home”, which we wish will offer a cozy time with us. We hope to illustrate the “wa (Japanese style)” atmosphere through the selected platewares, paintings, lighting etc. In addition to this, we share with the local staffs the importance of a caring service and strive to present a comfortable time and space.
We wish that your time at Suju will fulfill you with diverse aspects of Japan.


Mandarin Gallery

Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

Mandarin Gallery

住所 Mandarin Gallery 333A Orchard Rd #04-05
席数54 Seats
営業時間LUNCH  11:30~16:30
DINNER 16:30~22:30(LO22:00)
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Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

住所 78 Airport Boulevard,
#01-223/224/225 (Nearest Terminal:T1)
Singapore 819666
席数104 Seats
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